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Larson Juhls Andover Collection

Bridging classic contemporary designs with trending complex, antiqued foil finishes in: Silver, Gold, Black, White and Suede, Larson-Juhl’s Andover collection is available in four profiles. Andover’s profiles range from two elegant dome shapes to a large flat and also a petite profile, great for stacking. Tying in with today’s rich industrial textures, Andover’s finishes will allow consumers to mix and match profiles and finishes.

Larson-Juhl’s Bergere Ivory Collection


Featuring complex hand painted finishes, Larson-Juhl’s Bergere collection was developed to provide a new traditional option for today’s interiors. Bergere’s four classic profiles exude simplicity with minimal surface details. Each profile is painted with a complex blend of tones to replicate the sophistication of antique plaster walls.


 Larson Juhl’s May 2014 Collections

How a Frame is Made

You ever wonder how a frame is made? Checkout this video from Larson Juhl’s Ashland manufacturing facility.

This video also shares what the Larson-Juhl Ashland team does to ustainable lumber procurement and product development. Through the various steps the team takes, Larson-Juhl’s Ashland facility is a proud recipient of FSC, PEFC and FSC forest-friendly certifications, recognized throughout the world for responsible lumber management.

This is just one of the companies we use and a small part of their manufacturing process. We acquire moulding from different companies from around the world.

Our job is to provide you with a great selection of quality moulding from responsible professional manufacturers.

Come in and see our grand selection today!




Larson Juhl : Brittany Custom Frame Collection


Encouraged by the hued, worn finishes of the homes and retreats found in Brittany, a coastal town in Northwest France, Larson-Juhl’s new collection features authentic, natural layered finishes on a range of profiles. The distressed, chipped paint finishes reveal undercoats of color and raw wood undertones, creating a sense of age and history.

 Dillon Moulding Collection


Larson Juhl

Inspired by the Rustic Terrain, Wildlife, Beauty, and Weathered Woods of Dillon, Montana!



Larson Juhl’s Promise

Through all of Larson-Juhl’s efforts, the focus on our environment is a top priority.

Larson-Juhl is proud to offer a number of custom frame moulding collections that have earned FSC and PEFC certifications as well as a vast selection of matboards which boast FSC certification. Please visit the Certification page to learn more about these forest-friendly certifications.

With Larson-Juhl manufacturing locations throughout the world, it is important that each facility does its part to keep our world clean and beautiful for future generations. Please see the Certifications page to learn more about what these factories do to play their part in Larson-Juhl’s eco-promise.

Finally, in 1991, Larson-Juhl partnered with American Forests to begin the Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration project. Since then, Larson-Juhl has planted over 400,000 trees throughout the world! Learn more about this important tree-planting project by visiting our Global Reach page.


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