Lighten and Brighten Your Home With Mirrors


Have a Dark Corner?

Lighten and Brighten the Space with a Framed Mirror


Mirrors are beautiful accents for most any room in the house, and in addition to being nice to look at, they can also do an important job – lightening and brightening darker spaces. Whether they reflect sunlight from across the room, or cast a glow from a lamp or light fixture, mirrors can maximize the effects of available light, even when the light is limited.

  • Place a mirror facing a window on an opposite wall to pull light in from across the room during the day.
  • On a mantel, place table lamps in front of a mirror to reflect the light.
  • In a dining area, position the mirror at an appropriate height where it can beautifully reflect light from a chandelier or hanging light fixture, perhaps over a serving buffet.
  • If a room has lighter colored walls to make it seem brighter, try dark frames against the light wall to allow the mirror to make a dramatic decorative statement as it becomes an architectural element of sorts.
  • In a dark corner or small hallway, a mirror can give the illusion of more space.

Lighten and Brighten Mirrors

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