The Value of Custom Framing

custom-framing-exampleCustom framing provides the opportunity to make the  best selections for every piece of art and every personality. Framing a piece of art is not about the design of the room but of the unique piece of art and the individual. You see when you frame the art and you are true to the art when you change your decor the art will always work. Not to mention the art will always look better when framed for the art. Custom framing allows you to choose all the framing materials that you exactly want…..See the rest of the story

What’s My Framing Going to Look Like?

Step 1. Upload art

Step 2. Pick Matting

Step 3. Choose Frame

See Your Art Virtually Framed with LJ’s Online Design Tool

Click here to use the LJ Interactive Design Tool

Then call us for a quote on your design 519-886-5290

But remember we have more in store choices and getting a quote without specific details is virtually impossible in comparison it would be like going to a landscaper and asking for a quote ….too many choices too many variables.

But with this tool we can at least give you a ball park figure! (without the need to come in!)

Colors may not be exact due to different monitors so you will need to come in in the end to finalize and confirm.

Custom Framing

Custom picture framing is a unique and personal experience. Some class it as a luxury product and some it’s a basic necessity. Custom framed pictures will bring happiness and quality to your life. Some picture frames will be designed simply and others elaborately creating different visual experiences when you walk into a room.  Some will be of memories of friends and family and others will be of art and colour. The emotions created by both are not to be underestimated. ….Read More ….





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Surround Yourself In Beauty That Reflects You

When it comes to framing of paintings, memorabilia or anything that can be framed, PDR Picture Frames & Gallery is known to artists and consumers for their attention to detail and consistent workmanship.

Artist Ross Pritchard and Family, Your framing consultants at PDR Picture Frames & Gallery, have the experience and expertise in design and framing to guide customers in choosing the best frame and matting for the subject, whether you prefer a traditional format or a truly unique presentation. Choose from exquisite wood mouldings in a myriad of colours and finishes from larson juhl, Roma and other top brands, plus an array of colourful mats to accent your peice, and the newest glass with optical coatings for reduction of damaging UV light along with added visual acuity.

Serving the are since 1978, PDR Picture Frames & Gallery can frame your paintings, prints and documents, photographs and mirrors in addition to providing canvass and needlework stretching and blocking, plaquemounting , plus conservation/museum framing. They also provide object framing of memorabilia, war medals coins, christening gowns, sports jerseys and corporate achievements. From acid free floats to shadowbox framing they do it all.

The studio Gallery at PDR has a selection of original art, framed and unframed prints covering a multitude of subjects and prices. Among many the many works are some of Ross Pritchard’s original paintings.  Check out their unique gifts such as vases, ready made frames and more.

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