PDR Picture Frames Welcomes Momo!


PDR is Proud to Announce The Return of

Resident Artist Momo

To Our Gallery.


I was born and raised in Sokolac, a small town in Republic Srpska (at that time, before the war, it was Yugoslavia).One evening under candle light, due to electricity restrictions that were very common at that time (twelve hours with no power a day) I discovered my talent for art. I drew profile of my wife. “I made something from nothing“-was my first thought. I got an image from the darkness of a pencil and whiteness of paper. it was the beginning of my new career. My first paintings have been sold in galleries in Belgrade. I was 30 at that time. Without any formal training, only talent, I had earned trust and compliments from many interested in the arts and involved in the art industry. I brought to Canada five paintings, and now I make a living doing commissions and selling my paintings. And the most important thing-I am in pursuit for beauty in this visual world, in and around us, its complicity and meanings, its mystery. I want to find it, share and emphasize it. I don’t romanticize or idealize, I understand and believe that the power of true beauty can only make us better and bring us closer to each other. It brings out the good in us, if treated well… I am also aware that, sometimes, beauty is a dangerous magic…And I am sure that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”.… See Full Bio

Momo will be in the gallery painting Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Feel free to drop in and say hi!

Momo is offering painting instruction classes at the gallery

Small groups up to 5 students

-From 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm 

-Initial painting material supplied

-No experience necessary

-Selected works will be exhibited at the gallery if desired

-$ 50 per session (two to three sessions are needed to

 complete, under Momo’s instructions, your 16”x20”

landscape painting)

-Discount on framing at PDR Picture Frames for your finished pieces

*We are gathering names right now on a first come first served basis and when classes are full you will have to wait till next opening!!

Contact us at 519-886-5290 or come in and see us to reserve your spot

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