What Inspires a Great Artisan?

I’ts about passion.

For the quality of our craftsmanship. For the beauty of our products. For the Lasting value that they bring to our customers.

We are inspired by the tradition of the great atisans who were driven to elevate their art and craft to the highest levels. Theirs was a passion for perfection and devotion to detail. Ours is a modern interpretation of those ideals, represented in the finest offerings of product and service.

The result is an outstanding selection of customized mouldings for every discerning taste and style imaginable, supported by the best personal service in the business.

Fotiou Frames
The bold addition of the velvet covered chair in this interior setting commands a daring choice of moulding that also brings the chic style and lush feel to the room. Fotiou moulding: 5541RD (3/4″) and 5544RD (1-3/4″) from the Lacquer Collection #lacquermoulding #interiordesign #redchairs #whitedecor #pictureframes #customframing #chicdesign #fotiouframes

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